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What a busy week! Everyone seems to get crazy about Fashion Week in Berlin. I had a great time in my home town. Here are some of my personal impressions from the Fashion Week 13 in Berlin, I would like to share with you. Just a quick post.My personal highlights:

  • Parley with Pharell Williams @ Premium  // Great party !!!

  • The Moga e Mago Show @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week // Amazing show! Have never seen this before! 

The Moga e Mago Show @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

About the Moga e Mago Show

Something special about the Moga e Mago show: We all got torch lights to see the show. What a great idea! The ambiance was unique and this was the perfect atmosphere for this mystic collection from Moga e Mago. (But not for taking photos...) They did a great job! As well with the cast of the models. They all had a really special and unique look. Loved it!

Parley with Pharell Williams @ Premium 
Now some words about the Parley: Something different was the Parley with Pharrell Williams.  Pharrell wants you to respect the planet! The award-winning musician, designer, and Get Lucky collaborator explains, how we can do this. It is our task to make it a tradition to teach our children to how to be good to the Earth just as we'd teach them to be good people. This was the point Williams emphasized on the first day of Parley, a unique symposium focusing on the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Over the course of three days, while Williams hosts, Parley was feature artists like David LaChapelle, activists, scientists, and designers like Margareta van den Bosch from H&M discussing ways that they can retrieve ocean waste and recycle it into new products. You should check it out at Facebook.

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